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Re: poor X performance


On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Manuel Sickert wrote:
>Hi all,
>working with debian-ppc for some months now I'm very happy with it
>but one thing is still not understood:
>Why is the performance (display speed) of the X window system so poor
>on the powerpc?
>My machine is a G3 and scrolling in xterm window (vi, less, etc.) is
>incredibly slow (about 3 updates per second). Comparing the results of
>x11perf with the ones obtained on my old Intel 486DX100 shows
>a 100-times slower displaying speed.
>Can anyone explain me why this is so and how to improve performance
>(if possible at all).

well, the hardware acceleration issue in X11 for powerpc is a known one. Still,
3 updates per second is too slow even for that. I suggest that you enable hardware
acceleration in your /etc/XF86Config as that will speed up things considerably -I
imagine it is off per default on your system, otherwise I find it hard to believe such
a poor performance. I believe you should include the 'accel' option somewhere in your
Device driver options in XF86Config. And of course you should activate and use the ATI
mach64 framebuffer in your kernel.

Still, consider yourself lucky, as things are probably worse in my case :-) (ah, where
are that Rage 128 boards? :-)

- --
Konstantinos Margaritis
Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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