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Re: samba, bossa-nova, etc....

> 	I could help noticing that samba 2.0.2-2.1, was not available, so being
> the curious guy that I am, I thought I would find out why. So I got the source
> debian and tried to build binaries... Well, the reason that there is no binary
> debs in the official tree is... I don't know!!
> 	Fact is, the package built fine, no user intervention whatsoever! I am
> running samba 2.0.2-2.1 now on my machine, and from what I see there is no

The latest version builds cleanly and is on the way ...

> PS. Is there a way that the application process can be sped a little (you know,
> my applying for a developer)?

How long are you waiting now?  More then 3 weeks?



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