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current potato, kernel 2.2.1 and 6500 keyboard


Funny thing I discovered today: with the current potato, the 2.2.1 kernel and
a 6500/275 with the standard keyboard, I can't use any combinations of shift,
altgr (= option) and any key. For example I can't use my mac keyboard map
where I maped the backslash to shift+altgr+7, although that worked fine with
an older setup (most notably difference the kernel was 2.1.130). Anybody else
had this weird experience?

Oh, and my keyboard LEDs stopped working, too. It's quite annoying to
discover that caps-lock is on just be entering "LS" instead of "ls" ;-)

Any idea what's wrong? Any know problems with keyboard support in 2.2.1?

bye, Georg


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