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Re: Netscape on current debian powerpc?

cfm@maine.com wrote:
> I'd love to get Netscape running on my powerpc.  Can someone tell me
> if this is what I have to do:
> Get mklinux tgz from ftp.netscape.com
> Install old libraries, presumably from linuxppc rpms
> Set up chroot environment and muck with PRELOAD?
> Celebrate several birthdays in the process...?

I've tried this, still no luck.  It appears to be dying somewhere inside
some X library code.  I managed to get it to sort of work by giving it
its own little world with chroot.  This is a pain, but (??) better than
nothing.  You need to copy all the necessary libraries to where netscape
expects them to be, relative to the directory you're using as its root,
also some programs like bash and ldconfig.  Then chroot <theDirectory>
bash, run ldconfig there, then you should be able to run netscape.  It's
still less stable than in the old libc 1.99 world, and the browser can't
see any files on the rest of the system.  Bleah.  But at least it's
possible to do some browsing and email reading without it crashing.

If anyone has managed to get Netscape running with a less brute-force
approach, I'd love to hear about it.


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