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about postgresql .debs

  I have been in communication with postgresql maintainer (Oliver Elphick 
<Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk>), because it would not build out of the box on
a powerpc till version 6.4.2-4. We fixed it and now -5 will build and
create most packages but libpgperl. The perl interface is hell to
understand. Still, yesterday, I saw full postgresql 6.4.2-4 .debs for
powerpc, including libpgperl! Oliver probably doesn't know anything about
them, or he could have told me, and save me the effort.
  The reason I am saying this, is that it would be better to include
patches that fix postgresql on the powerpc in the official source dist so
that it would build with no effort -even with an autobuilder. As it is
now, I know from first hand that 6.4.2-4 will not build without fixes.

  So, my request is that the person that uploaded the packages -and I
really thank him for fixing the libpgperl- should send the patches to
Oliver. That way, maybe the next version (6.4.2-6?) will build out of
the box. 
  And out of curiosity, what was the cause of libpgperl's failure?

PS. lam package is still in devel.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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