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Re: Debian-PPC on PReP

> I have some PReP machines, Motorola PowerStack Ultra.
> I have already installed LinuxPPC/R4.
> So, I would like to know how to boot up installation.

We use glibc-2.1. If you like, replace all binaries with the debian
binaries. The kernel itself doesn't depend on any glibc version.

>   CHRP have OpenFirmware, PCI-based machine.
>   PReP machine have a PPC1Bug firmware, it doesn't have OpenFirmware.
>   I read "Runs on PReP machies" on your WWW page.
>   I wonder PReP and CHRP are mixed in your page.

The web pages for powerpc are outdated. I have not the time to work on it.
I work currently on the kernel-package and kernel-source packages and will
upload kernel-images hopefully in the next days. For PowerMac and PReP they
are untested (i have an CHRP system). 

> And I would like to know which kernels runs on PPC system.
> 2.1.??? or 2.0.??? or 2.2.pre-release ?
> Liblaries, too. Which library, libc5 or glibc2, are included?

All 2.1.x and 2.2.x should run; libc is currently 2.0.100 (aka glibc-2.1) for

After uploading the kernel-images i'll do more for the boot-floppies. But as i wrote,
i can test it only on CHRP. But bootp/tftp booting should then also be possible.

Not all debian packages (~2500) are currently available for powerpc ... i uploaded
40 new packages last week. But we get closer. 

X11 is a bad point ... i hate it if patches aren't merged. 



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