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Re: BootX compatable boot disk?

On Thu, Jan 21, 1999, Bruce Ide <greyfox@supremo.cspot.com> wrote:

>Has anyone come up with a BootX compatable boot disk for Debian PPC? I
>have a PowerMac G3 that I'd love to install Debian PPC on, but I have no
>way to bootstrap the initial file system up there at this time.

I have the same question ;-)

I would like to try out debian on one of my machines, but I didn't manage
to install it yet (I didn't try very hard and I'm definitely not very
good at doing userland things on linux, my domain is the kernel ;-)

So where can I find an up-to-date base filesystem, and is there an
installer boot-disk (I can floppy boot if necessary) that works (the last
time I tried one, it failed in lots of horrible ways) ? Or can someone
explain me how to change a manually un-tared base filesystem into a
working installation without the installer ?

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