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Re: glib 1.1.12, gtk1.1.12 for debian/ppc

> I don't intend to offend anyone, but I would rather see more frequent
> ports of packages for the ppc, which IMHO seems a little stale to me these

We aren't many powerpc developers. Debian is currently in a critical state
for new patches - some maintainers decided to delay the upload to unstable.

Our auto-builder is currently down (the software, not the system). 

         -   -
       -       -
    -             -       
 -    |    |         -
     50%  100% 

The first 50% of all debian packages were easy, but to get near 100% is 
much harder!

> days. I have thought of of applying for a debian developer, but the
> traffic in the list is so high I couldn't keep up really. Instead of
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ????

> trying to be a full developer and get a package to maintain, I offer
> myself to do some porting of existing packages that are hard to port. I
> imagine there is a ppc system used only for porting that someone can get
> an account for. What do I have to do to help in the situation? As I gather
> there must be a significant amount of packages that have yet to be ported.
> I am no novice, and I believe I could be of some help. 

If you are not a debian maintainer you can't upload.  The debian powerpc system
is mainly/only for debian maintainers. 

If you will help and you have a powerpc system you can do following:

- search for not available packages for powerpc
- fix the bugs
- make a diff
- send it to the debian bug mailing system or to this list 

(if you like, you can do the whole stuff from contrib/non-free, too)



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