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New subject (Was Re: i just compiled...)

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> The issue is actually that Branden Robinson, the X maintainer, is a
> very busy man right now.  He has some real life issues that aren't
> leaving him enough free time to play with X.

I understand, we all have some real life problems... I for one, really
wish, I'd had time for some kernel hacking and some serious debianizing...
then again I also have my thesis... tough... oh well...
Anyway, it's ok from me... I don't have a problem waiting for a while...
although I wish it's a short while :)

Something totally irrelevant... anyone know why libgmp2 (2.0.2-6) has some
undefined symbols for __mpn_add_2 (and so does libc (2.0.100), which are
required by ssh 1.2.26 (the .deb package).
I also have made a new source and binary deb package for speak-freely 6.1e
(the one in non-us.debian.org was almost a year old), so I'd appreciate
if anyone could try it out, because although it builds with no problem, I
can't make it produce any sound output....

it's in http://www.uoa.gr/~kmargar/debian/non-us for anyone that's
interested, along with pgp5, ssl which I also built from sources.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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