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Can't boot

	I haven't been able to boot with the system I'm trying to install.
fsck says there is a problem and can't fix it.  Then it drops me into
single-user mode, but can't continue for long because the filesystem is
still mounted read-only.  However, the debian partition checks out fine
when I run fsck in LinuxPPC.  
	Any suggestions?  Should I edit /etc/init.d/checkroot.sh and make
it continue booting as normal so that I can boot into Debian and check
things out?
	Also, while in single-user mode, it prompted me to ask if I wanted
to reload the keymap.  If I said no, it just prompted me again, and if I
said yes, it couldn't find defkeymap.map.  This file wasn't anywhere on
the debian partition.  After fishing around, I found that
/usr/sbin/kbdconfig was looking for it in /usr/share/keymaps/ (I think),
but there was no such directory. I don't know if this is important, but I
thought I'd mention it.


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