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Problems compiling some KDE stuff


I have successfully compiled the basic KDE stuff, it works great and also *is*
great IMO. I recommend using Qt 1.33 because 1.4 and later causes all apps to
crash when you mark text.

Now I have encountered problems compiling some advanced stuff:

- kuser (in kdeadmin): Aborts with a complaint that my glibc (2.0.100) has an
error concerning shadow passwords. Sorry, don't have the exact output at hand.
It advises to redo the configure with --with-pam and then remake, but that
doesn't help. Anyone knows what this means and how to fix it?

- kfloppy (kdeutils) doesn't compile. Too bad I don't remember the error, just
wanted to mention it :)

Oh and I use the latest gcc/binutils packages.


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