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Re: anacron madness

On Sun, 06 Dec 1998 15:05:01 +0100 mdaenzer@earthling.net (Michel Dänzer)

>I've seen a posting about this before: anacron doesn't work on my box. On
>contrary to what the manpage says, it neither forks nor sends mail nor writes
>anything into the syslog, thus hanging the machine during init. Is this a
>known problem? Can it be fixed somehow?

Hmm.. it did that to me, too... then I reinstalled it. Now it starts up, but
it bogs my system down to hell when it does its daily stuff. When I look at
the running processes while this is happening, I see a couple of copies of
cron, two copies of 0anacron, and three copies (IIRC) of anacron. I kinda
doubt this is what is supposed to happen.

I guess we should just turn it off for now. Keep an eye on /var/log file
sizes, etc.


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