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Re: netcdf .debs available

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> some time ago there was someone who wanted to do the GMT package, i told him i
> had done some packaging before, but since i was not developper, it was only for
> me (same as you i think ...) are you debian developper ? if yes perhaps you
> could take the package. In any case, perhaps you should send a mail to
> debian-devel announcing your problem, where you put the package, and so on.
> If you are not developper, i would gladly take the package. If it is ok with
> you.

Well, I am not a developer, so it's perfectly fine with me. I would be
much obliged though, if you send me a notice, when the package is ready.
GMT works fine, as it is, but I prefer the debian structure much more.
As a sidenote, where can I find info about debianizing a source package?

> come on, a 5 line mail, with youyr patch appended should not take you to much
> time ...

ok, you're probably right, I'll do so just now.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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