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Re: netcdf .debs available

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> 1) on how to use diff :
> before modification, you copy the file to file.orig then you do :
> diff -u path/from/package/root/file.orig path/from/package/root/file
> >package.diff

Oh, and just for completeness, I apply the patch with

patch <package.diff 

on the package root dir ( or the parent I think)?

> 2)
> i think there is already a debian package for the GMT, so there should be a
> maintainer listed in the package description file. File a bug against the GMT
> package and describe the problem, and send your solution, in patch form if you
> were able to do it, if not just like this mail.

No there isn't, just checked all source dirs for *GMT* or *gmt* , unless
it has been changed. Even so, GMT compiled and ran fine, as soon as I had
netcdf installed, it just lurks undebianized in /usr/local/GMT, else it is
quite ok.

> 3) 
> ask the maintainer if you should send the diff also to the upstream authors,
> or if he will do it.

Will do, as soon as I can afford time... I have my thesis to write...

Konstantinos Margaritis

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