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Re: Trying to get base install

At 17:52 +0100 1998-11-20, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
I'm new to the list and I would like to give a try to the debian distrib.
Where can I download the _latest_ base package set ? I tried making a
filesystem with a base downloaded from an URL on this list recent
archives (sorry, I don't remember which site it was) but after making an
fstab, removing unconfigured.sh and adding the missing /dev/sda9 and
booting in with kernel 2.1.129, I got an e2fsck error about file system

I suggest you try the ramdisk image from <http://www.debian.org/%7Eespy/ramdisk.image.gz>, along with the base tarball from dists/sid/main/disks-powerpc/ with BootX (I can't thank you enough for that, BTW, when I used to boot with OF I would get an extremely flaky machine under Linux (something video related)). I have booted that image, but it is not very tested yet.
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