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Re: ldconfig obsoleted by ld.so package

Christopher C Chimelis writes:
 > On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Loic Prylli wrote:
 > > Looks like when you build ldso from source on Alpha (and probably on
 > > powerpc), it now builds just the ldconfig binary, so exactly what was
 > > provided by the ldconfig package. So I guess now the ldconfig package
 > > can now be obsoleted (the ld.so package is more current).
 > Oh, fantastic!  That'll axe the somewhat-frequent questions about ld.so
 > being missing :-)
 > > If nobody objects soon,  I will file a bug against ftp.debian.org
 > Do we want to do this now or wait for potato?  I don't know yet what might
 > depend on ldconfig (I know we have a few packages) that might need to be
 > recompiled.

I guess it is better to do it now, no package was depending on
ldconfig when I removed it on my system (just had to just
--force-remove-essential), this is logical as it was in base.
Anyway ldso actually "Provides:" ldconfig.

So we just requires an upload of ld.so to have a clean situation.
we can request to add a Conflicts, Replace against ldconfig to ease


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