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Starting points to get this running on my machine...


I'm sorry, I'm posting to a list I'm not subscribed to, so please CC: any

I've got a Performa 5200, which isn't supported by MkLinux *or* LinuxPPC. 
It is almost the only powerpc built which doesn't have any support.  Apple
have pledged that the mklinux project will eventually support it - but
there's been no news on that for months.

I'd really like to get Debian running on my performa - it already runs on my
AMD K6 and my SPARC...  (and, as you can see, I'm already a developer).

So what I'm really asking is, do any of you have any pointers at all to the
information required to do the porting of either the monolithic kernel or
the microkernel (I'm guessing the latter is a better bet, since the former
only works on PCI machines AFAIK) to my machine - or to other people who
might be interested in the task.

I probably have the technical ability - I know C well, and I know some
assembly (not much, but I'd learn) - but I've no idea where to start.

Any help appreciated,


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