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Re: freezing powerpc and sparc

On Mon, Nov 09, 1998 at 10:35:29AM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 09, 1998 at 03:13:38AM -0600, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > On Nov 09, luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr wrote:
> > > is it no problem to use xbase_3.3.2.3a-7.deb together with
> > > xlib6g_3.3.2.3-1.deb and xserver-fbdev_3.3.2.3-1.deb.
> > 
> > There probably is a problem, in that you need at least xbase-clients
> > (and probably xterm) to have a decent X installation with a-7.  My
> > understanding (from James Troup) is that a new xfree86 package should
> > be out Real Soon Now that compiles on PowerPC and m68k.  Until then
> > we're all screwed.
> I have compiled a patched x11; it's one rebuild short of OK.  However,
> I'm not going to do that rebuild.  My logic is that, according to at
> least some XFree86 developers, 3.3.3 is due out in the next week.  And
> 3.3.3 should compile without any source patches on powerpc.  If anyone
> is really desperate for X at the moment, mail me, and perhaps I will
> make -7 (or merge to -8) available; it will not get uploaded.

I am not so desesperate, since like said i cannot access my scsi disks right
now, and so have no use of X (as well as all the rest of debian :().
but this means that there is no way someone could run X in the current
situation. Is it so difficult/long to rebuild this packages ? or to upload them

I mean, if 3.3.3 is there next week, this should not be a problem, but if not,
its better to have this packages ...



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