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Re: dpkg-cross

> Using sys-include instead of include is at least unusual...

in binutils, ./configure --target=ppc --with-headers=/other/usr/include

create /usr/local/ppc/sys-include and copies /other/usr/include/* in it.

> Seems so, yes. Do you also have cross-binutils? (You need them.)

i compiled a cross bintuils 2.9.1 and a cross egcs pre 1.1, so that is not the problem.

also i think at least in the non glibc part everything is fine, since i was able to boot from a cross compiled linux/apus kernel.

also i was able to compile :

#include <stdio.h>
void main ()
	printf ("Hello cross world.\n") ;

without this problem.

but then maybee my cross compile environment get misconfigured somewhere on the way (maybee installing dpkg-cross ?) will test the hello world program again this evening.



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