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Re: Debian Linux on PowerPC

Nico De Ranter wrote:
> I'm currently trying to reuse a number of PowerMacs we have lingering
> around after we kicked out the marketing department.  I have a few
> of them running MkLinux but since we standardised on Debian for our
> PC's I would prefer to run Debian on our Macs also.  Is the the current
> PowerPC version stable?  And ifso how can I install it?  I found the
> page on the regarding "Intallation of Debian GNU/Linux on PowerPC
> machines" but it stops after repartitioning the drive and a reference
> to "Boot Variables 1.3" which doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Can you
> give me any idea on how to put Debain on my Mac?

Currently the PowerPC port seems to be stable.  However we don't have
boot disks right now.

Please reload the installation page.  I've added the remaining.  Sorry,
I was forced to put up *something* and there was no time left to complete




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