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Re: Status of Debian on the PowerMacs?

Moin all,

> > We will have a complete distribution for slink, aka debian-2.1 in 
> > november or december. I hope it! 
> does that mean you plan to have a 'official debian 2.1 powerpc' ?
> in the roadmap (or whatever it is named) they only state alpha and
> sparc to be official in 2.1 ...

Yes, thats my personal time-stamp. I started the m68k port for three
years and it is yet `official` available. Thats to long! The port
for powerpc is much esaier then m68k. 

We need some more porters and testers. If you can't do it on your own
machine try it on tervola (need a reboot, and a account for you ). Ask for which
packages and do it. 

Python and a better GTK are missing (other packages need these).

I build now the last untouched packages on my list (~ 100 packages). After
that we will have 75% - 80% of all debian packages. And after that i'll
update newer versions of available packages (also to see if the maintainers
patched our diffs correctly in). After this ... it is Oldenburg time :-)



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