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egcs 1.03 m68k -> ppc cross compiler.

today i tried again to build a cross compiler, to build a kernel with the chown/lchown bug solved.

i used the includes and the libs from the base tarball, and i noticed the following things :

first you can (apparently) specify different --with-libs, since in egcs/INSTALL/CONFIGURE it says 
--with-libs=dirs (notice the s, it don't say so for with-headers), but this don't seem to work, 
what is the separation of the dir list, i tried  a space, a coma and a semicolon.

i suppose i need both /usr/lib and /lib as libs to build the cross compiler, since libc is in /lib
and crt.o and family are in /usr/lib.

but makeing first a ./configure --with-libs=/mnt/lib and then a ./configure --with-libs=/mnt/usr/lib solved
the problem, at least i hope since it is compiling right now, and i was not yet able to test it.

later on, i had a error during compile time, it seems gcc/gbl-ctors.h at line :43 defines

extern void atexit (void (*) (void)) ;

and stdlib.h at line 502 :

extern int atexit __P ((void (*__func) (void))) ;

does someone else already noticed that 'i suppose it only appears when building a glibc2 egcs, or perhaps just a egcs glibc2 cross compiler.

i think i will report this also to the egcs mailing list, as soon as i finish building my cross compiler.



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