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tried the slink tarball on linux/apus.

Hello, ...

i finally managed to install the tarball on my system, with a bit of
partitionning magic.

up to now, it seems to work, but i encouter the following problem :

* i don't have ethernet card, but at boot time it tries to initiallize
eth0 without success, will play with the rc files this evening.

* also i get a message saying it didn't find the clock program, but
since the time get set correcltly, i suppose that hwclock got invoked
stealthily. unless the kernel does some black magic regarding it.

* in runlevel 2, when initializing the networking services (portmap and
inetd i think.) Just after having received the inetd string, INIT says
some things like :

	INIT : Id "1" ... (don't rememeber the exact message i noted it this
morning but forgot the paper at home, will check this evening, if

it says the same message for Id 1 to 6, and after i get a no more
proccesses in this run level, and the system freezes, or at least it
waits for some long time. I reboot at this point.

Ok if you have some hints on what went wrong ... i will try to make it
work this evening.

also i looked in /etc/rc.2 and there is the network and ppp. why is ppp
there, do you automatically run pppd at boot time ? i would much better
prefer to have it only when i do a pon.

also, i remember now something complaining about /dev/ttyS0 not
existing, perhaps that isthe problem ? will check again this evening ...



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