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Re: Debian make my G3 go!

At 13:00 -0700 1998-08-15, Martin Schulze wrote:
>Dan Jacobowitz wrote:
>> >  Like  Alex Romosan I used linuxppc and mounted the partition with debian
>> >  on it, but I couldn't get quik to work, so I used quik under MacOS. I
>> > the swap partion that I normally use for linuxppc.
>> Quik is going to be packaged and cleaned up; Matt McLean is working on
>> it.  There's a few bugs.
>Good.  I'll have to try a more recent Quik on tervola in order to get it
>boot from the IDE disk.

I made /dev/hda7 on tervola bootable using quik 1.3.0, I suggest you try
booting from it. The current SCSI root partition remains bootable, so you
should be able to go back to it if booting from IDE fails.
Joel "Espy" Klecker

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