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RE: debian/slink base tarball ...

> > i was not able to install the base tarball, since i don't have a working
> > ramdisk with tar and gzip and other such useful stuff.
> > 
> > where can i get something similar ? i think standard debian and redhat
> > ramdisk (or root images or whatever the name is for those things) don't
> use
> > tar and gzip but other tools to do the same thing (debian use cpio and
> star
> > i think, but i don't have debian ppc ramdisk available, i don't know
> what
> > redhat uses)
> Can you mount the partition and put the tarball on it, and then booting
> this?
> Ramdisk: no, bootable cdrom: no, floppy install: no tftp-boot: yes 
> You have an APUS system, that means -- if i'm correct informed -- you have
> an amiga as the host or base system with an expansion card, and on this
> card is the 604e proz. You boot m68k-linux and switch to the 604 part or
> booting the 604 and use the 68040 (or whatever) as fpu or second cpu ,
> ????
> Please describe your system a little bit. 
> On the m68k side we have the bootstrap to boot the kernel. The kernel
> image
> is outside the root-partition. Can you do this also with your 604 system?
A yes, I will give a bit more description of my system. actually i have an
apus board, but the little brother of the one you are talking about.
it goes into the trapdoor of my A1200 Desktop, and there is a 240MHz 603e a
25MHz 68040 that get switched off for the moment, 64MB of ram of which i can
only use 32MB for the moment, a scsi controller (53c710) for which i adapted
a m68k driver, but have not yet an apus driver.
all my hard disk space is in scsi, i only have an 170MB seagate disk which
is partitioned as following : 10MB affs partition, 24MB former swap
partition, and 128 former redhat/debian mixed partition.

Due to conflicts between the 53c710 driver and the ide driver (who catches
the 53c710 interrupts) i can not use the ide disk under linux-m68k, and only
the ide disk under linux-apus. i use the 10MB partition to copy things from
my syjet to a affs scsi partition under linux-m68k, then under AMigaos i
copy it to the 10MB ide partition, then i can access it under linux-apus. i
planned to use the ex swap partition for installing the tarball, but it is
too small, i think even if sacrificing the 10MB partition. I can boot fine
with two ramdisk i got, one older one with not much on it, and one who is
supposed to install a redhat system, but both of them don't have tar and
gzip. i don't want to erase the redhat partition, since it is the only one i
can boot linux-apus into right now, and i am not sure i will be able to
install one such again (not unless i have a working ramdisk). I installed it
some time ago, when i still had my old accelerator board with working scsi
and ide under linux-m68k. I also have an 2.5" 1GB toshiba partition, who
decided to become read only. i can only write to the cache of it, but not to
the disk. funny you format it, and after a reboot all is again there. ANd i
have no money for the moment to buy another ide harddisk, even if they are
cheap.perhaps i will do it later, but i think it is best to fix the
linux-apus 53c710 scsi driver.

also due to some problems with the bootstrap process, i can only use a
120598 adapted 2.1.90 kernel, all others die in the middle of head.S, and i
cannot work on solving that since i have no diskspace to install a complete
kernel compiling environment (same goes for the apus scsi driver).

Ok so all i need to test the tarball, is to be able to boot in a somewhat
complete rescue ramdisk, and mke2fs the partition, untar the tarball on it,
and make some simple configuration.

I can not believe nobody has a kernel like that, (or some explanation on how
to be able to use the tools of the existing ramdisks, because there must be
some to untar the base ???, there is star on debian ramdisk, altough i was
never able to use it correctly on m68k, i used the old watchtower ramdisk to
tar xzvf tarball.)

I think i now for what i asked, and it has nothing to do with my system,
(apart from me needing to buy an bigger ide disk, or repair my toshiba one),
but perhaps i am wrong, and i would like a lot to be told where ...



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