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compiling packages on powerpc

i just installed debian on a powerpc, and i am trying to get familiar
with it (the 2.1 kernel, glibc 2.1, etc). i started by trying to
compile some of the packages which are already part of the
distribution, but i am puzzled by my lack of success. in particular i
am trying to compile netbase and i fail.

how does debian manage architecture specific patches? the distribution
has only one set of patches/sources for all architectures. i assume
that somehow the diff file contains all the necessary changes, but in
the case of the powerpc these changes haven't made it into the main
distribution yet? is there a place where i can find powerpc specific
patches for debian?

i am a complete newbie when it comes to powerpc (until know i've
worked only with intel machines) so any help is appreciated. thanks.


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