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[Debian Installer <maor-installer@debian.org>] regex0g_0.12-5_powerpc.changes is NEW


I have no idea who uploaded this, but could people compiling on
powerpc please remember to use the -M switch to dpkg-buildpackage(1)
(or whatever heinous Christoph-wrapper takes your fancy).

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Date: 30 Dec 1997 19:56:34 -0000
Message-ID: <19971230195634.18203.qmail@debian.novare.net>
From: Debian Installer <maor-installer@debian.org>
To: James Troup <jjtroup@comp.brad.ac.uk>
Subject: regex0g_0.12-5_powerpc.changes is NEW

(new) regex0g-dev_0.12-5_powerpc.deb optional devel


(new) regex0g_0.12-5_powerpc.deb optional libs


(new) regex0g-dbg_0.12-5_powerpc.deb optional devel


Your package contains new components so requires manual editing of the
override file.  It is ok otherwise, so please be patient.  I usually
add new packages to the override file about once a week.

You may have gotten the distribution wrong.  You'll get warnings above
if files already exist in other distributions.

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