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Can't boot from ide disk?


It's wonderful weather outside and I'm still having problems booting
the system...

Could anyone give me a hint why my PowerPC doesn't want to boot
correctly?  The kernel hangs right after detecting the IDE disk.

This is the setup:

	boot-device = ata/ata-disk@0:6
	boot-file   = /vmlinux root=/dev/hda6

Quik (1.1 under Linux) did initialize the partition map and installed
the first and second stage loader on that partition.

When I type 'boot' at the OF prompt the kernel gets booted, really.
But it stops after writing this message:

	hda: ST52520A, ATA DISK drive

Normally (booting from another disk) next would be scsi disks &c.

Funny thing: It is possible to boot from one of the scsi disks without
any problem.

	boot-device = scsi/sd@4:2
	boot-file   = /vmlinux root=/dev/sdb2



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