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Bug#773663: Updated patch for popcon tor support

On Wed, 7 Sep 2016 16:51:32 +0200 Bill Allombert <ballombe@debian.org>
> On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 12:03:52AM +0100, Tim Retout wrote:
> > A few more things before you consider shipping this (sorry for not
> > thinking of them before my previous email):
> > 
> > - torify is just a wrapper around torsocks.  The tor package might be
> > installed but not running, or some people might have machines with
> > torsocks configured to talk to a remote Tor daemon.  We should fall
> > back at runtime if connecting via tor fails - this would probably even
> > make the code clearer?
> > - It would make sense to call the "--isolate" option in torsocks,
> > otherwise this potentially identifies the tor circuit which the rest
> > of your traffic is using, via e.g. the time of the cronjob, or at
> > least highlights that it's a Debian system
> > - I think the suggestion to have a separate default URL for tor
> > submissions is a good one - if the HTTP default SUBMITURLS has not
> > been changed, maybe switch to the tor one by default?  And then insert
> > the .onion URL when DSA kindly set it up.
> Thanks for moving forward with this. 
> Woud you mind sending a popcon report through TOR and send me a
> copy of /var/log/popularity-contest.gpg so that I can check the report
> was received correctly ?
> Cheers,
> Bill.


I have applied the patch to my installed system, set USETOR to "yes" and
generated a report plus submitted it today (it should have been
submitted a few times actually).  I have attached the .gpg file.  I used
the ".new" file because it seems that the popularity-contest.new.gpg is
not renamed to popularity-contest.gpg any longer.
  Running the crontab with bash -x shows that it is never attempted[1]
and I see nothing in the patch that would affect that, so I assume it is
an unrelated issue.


[1]  The only mv I can see is for the unencrypted log
# grep mv /etc/cron.daily/popularity-contest

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