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[Popcon-developers] Re: Ubuntu eMail Address popcon@ubuntu.com

[Philip Tuckey]
> I activated popcon in Edgy and still got the same problem, see
> below. So, guess I'll re-deactivite it. Maybe it's that way by
> default for a reason (or two reasons)... Cheers.

Hi.  I am sad to hear that the ubuntu fork of popularity-contest isn't
working properly for you.  You have reached the Debian maintainers for
the Debian version of popularity-contest, and we are not involved in
maintaining the Ubuntu fork.  You will have to talk to the ubuntu
maintainers about your problem, as there is nothing we can do to help

I know ubuntu is using HTTP and hot email to receive submissions, so
you might have a look at why your installation isn't using HTTP.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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