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[Popcon-developers] Bug#321365: popularity-contest: documentation of popcon tags v.s. a "vote"

Package: popularity-contest
Version: 1.28
Severity: wishlist

I've been noticing the popularity-contest package/project mentioned
frequently on Debian mailing lists and similar places, and often those
messages mention "votes" for this or that package.

However, when I installed the package myself and looked through the
documentation (files in /usr/share/doc/popularity-contest as well as 
the man page), I didn't see the term "vote" used or explained anywhere.

After looking at http://popcon.debian.org/ as well as the
popularity-contest Perl source itself, I am thinking that a package is
considered "voted" if none of the other three tags get applied to it.

Assuming this is correct, it might avoid a little confusion for the
uninitiated if this fact where explained in the README file (along with
the the description of the three possible <tag> strings).



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