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[Popcon-developers] Re: d-i and popcon

> The code that queued popcon for installation (using dpkg
> --set-selections) stopped working when tasksel was rewritten this
> summer. Re-adding popcon at this point might break existing automatic
> installs using preseeding because of the added question, could make som=
> language's translation stats slip, and would need it to be added to the
> netinst CD. Right now I'm planning on re-adding it only after sarge is
> released.

As you wrote this, I just checked on our i18n infrastructure to see
the exact status of popcon.

It has always been counted in d-i statistics, but currently in
"level3" (things that may input users in some circumstances but not on
default installs). Indeed, currently, it shouldn't be there at all,
but well....we kept it anyway.

If its install is reinstated, we will have to move it to level2 as the
question is asked at high priority, so it will appear on all automated
installs except those using a critical priority.

Indeed, we should have cared about this before as popcon is a good
tool for package use statistics (we think about using its stats for
prioritizing translations for instance) and it will be too bad that it
is not proposed on new installs for sarge. However, I agree with
Joey=A0: it's probably too late now...:-(

So, sadly, I agree with Joey=A0: adding it now would break automated
installs, and therefore need the preseeding documentation to be modified.

We can probably handle the translations stats slip because indeed it
is already translated to 34 languages, so *that* is not really a big

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