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Bug#918438: orig tarball components with uppercase letters

Guillem Jover writes ("Bug#918438: orig tarball components with uppercase letters"):
> But, pondering about this now, this opens the hypothetical problem of
> versions which can have the same exact problem! And we could also have:
>   foo_1.0a_amd64.deb
>   foo_1.0A_amd64.deb
> :/

How exciting.  This is at least as much of a problem (or, at least as
likely to be a problem) as the same issue with orig components.
(Although, usually, versions differing only in case will also sort
close together.)

I doubt we can forbid uppercase versions.  That means that this issue
has to be addressed in archive management software, which has the
overall view of which versions have been used.

And if we're doing that for versions we can do it for orig component
names too.  So I withdraw my policy change suggestion.

Instead we should see if we can come up with some wording about
versions and orig component names, or the filenames implied thereby,
being globally unique.


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