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Bug#824495: debian-policy: Source packages "can" declare relationships

Sean Whitton writes ("Bug#824495: debian-policy: Source packages "can" declare relationships"):
> So, it seems that the only way forward is to go ahead and ask the
> project what they think about (1) and (2): would they consider those
> bugs to be of RC severity?  We can see if we can get a consensus on
> debian-devel on this question, with text like this:
>     Hello,
>     Use of the Build-Conflicts field is currently mostly optional but we
>     are working on text for Debian Policy that would require its use in
>     certain cases.  There are two cases which we think that everyone
>     would agree there is a bug, but we are not sure that the bug would
>     be considered to be RC.  We are posting to -devel to see if, in
>     fact, we do have a consensus that these bugs would be RC, or not.
>     [statement of (1) and (2)]
> If we can't get consensus, and we still think the change is worth
> making, we could ask the TC to make a ruling on the RC-bugginess of (1)
> and (2) (the Policy Team are trying to make better use of the TC to move
> ordinary bugs forward, rather than only going to the TC for the most
> controversial issues).
> Is my analysis of what's needed for this Policy change right?

I think this is overkill process-wise but it is a reasonable way

If we don't get consensus on the stronger rule it would be better to
seek consensus on a weaker rule or a weaker normative status, than to
invoke the TC for this issue, IMO.  IOW I don't think this is
important enough to escalate.



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