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Bug#917431: debian-policy: virtual packages: logind, default-logind


On Thu 27 Dec 2018 at 06:36pm +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:

> As discussed in bug #915407, we'd want a virtual package for logind
> implementations.  At present, two packages implement this functionality:
> libpam-systemd and libpam-elogind.
> This has been discussed, including a formal proposal on debian-devel,
> and no objections have been raised.
> Thus, the wording would be (as proposed by fsateler):
> logind: an org.freedesktop.login1 D-Bus API implementation
> default-logind: should be provided by the distribution's default logind
> provider (currently pam-systemd)

Could you provide an actual diff to be applied to policy.git, please?
Please follow the style for the other default-* packages listed there.

Ansgar's suggestion should probably be included, too.

Sean Whitton

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