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Bug#850157: Please deprecate all ad-hoc patch systems


Now that #850156 (deprecate vendor-specific series files) is resolved, we have 
a recommended pathway by which maintainers can stop using debian/vendor.series 
files. Amongst other alternatves, the technical committee resolution advised 
maintainers to use systems that apply patches at build time:

" … or as part of the build process using current and future practices such as 
patches with conditional behaviour or patching of files during the build 
rather than at source unpacking time." (#904302) 

It is thus inappropriate to deprecate ad hoc patch systems in Policy, since 
that is what has been recommended in the CTTE resolution. Moreover, since the 
reporter of this bug #850157 (deprecate ad hoc patch systems) agreed with the 
wording of this CTTE resolution, I assume that this discussion is now 
obsoleted by later events.

I believe that #850157 can be closed.


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