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Re: Bug#908155: Coordination with upstream developers not universally applied

Thorsten Glaser writes ("Re: Bug#908155: Coordination with upstream developers not universally applied"):
> Now that I write it again, there\u2019s another point:
> \u2022 the package maintainers not being involved in the discussion
>   (dangerous if e.g. upstream suggests a fix that won\u2019t work
>   in the distro for some reason, and the end user not knowing
>   about that, and them agreeing to that fix)
> I\u2019m still convinced that package maintainers should at least
> forward patches from end users and keep an eye on them, and
> that, if/when it\u2019s okay to ask the end user to report upstream
> themselves, they help whenever needed and perhaps also keep an
> eye on the upstream bugs.

It's all very well to say that package maintainers "should" do
something.  Package maintainers "should" fix all bugs in their

But we have limited effort.  It is better to have a package in Debian,
but where users have to do some more of the work, than no package.

Or to put it another way: if you see something that "should" be done,
but which is not being done, why are you not volunteering to do it ?
Or are you saying that maintainers should step down and orphan the
package instead ?


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