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Bug#907915: developers-reference: language in manual

On 2018-09-04 03:52, Paul Hardy wrote:
With Debian presenting itself as a distribution suitable for children
in educational environments, please consider removing the "f-bombs" in
this package.  As a fundamental document in Debian, it is something
that should be acceptable for school children to read so adding an
"offensive" tag to the package will not be enough to remedy the

There are three such occurrences:

* Section Out-of-date: please find another term for
"architectures that don't keep up", and modify the update_out.py
mentioned in that section accordingly.

* Influence of packaging in testing: same comment; please use
another term for such architectures.

For the record, "the update_out.py mentioned" is britney, i.e. the testing migration scripts.

The name of the variable mentioned above was changed in production nearly two years ago - see https://salsa.debian.org/release-team/britney2/commit/fe7cc466e18b77493d5b4dade14e5e7a50055680 - so both of these occurences can be resolved by simply updating the documentation to match reality.



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