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Bug#891216: Requre d-devel consultation for epoch bump

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 01:26:01PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Concretely,
>     epoch
> 	This is a single (generally small) unsigned integer. It may be
> 	omitted, in which case zero is assumed. If it is omitted then the
> 	upstream_version may not contain any colons.
>   -
>   -     It is provided to allow mistakes in the version numbers of older
>   -     versions of a package, and also a s previous version numbering
>   -     schemes, to be left behind.
>   -     package
>   +
>   +     Epochs can help when the upstream version numbering scheme
>   +     changes, but they must be used with care.  In Debian, please
>   +     consult debian-devel when changing the epoch.
>   ...
>     Note that the purpose of epochs is
>   - to allow us to leave behind mistakes in version numbering, and
>     to cope with situations where the
>   + upstream
>     version numbering scheme changes
>   + and to allow us to leave behind serious mistakes
>     .
>   +
>   + Epochs should not usually be used when
>   + a package needs to be rolled back (use the +really convention)
>   + or to

This needs to be reworded.  "the +really convention" is probably not
really policy material (feels more like devref's) and therfore probably
not mentioned here.

>     cope with
>   - It is not intended to
>     version numbers containing strings of letters which the package
>     management system cannot interpret (such as ALPHA or pre-), or with
>     silly orderings.
>   +
>   + If you think that increasing the epoch is the right situation,
>   + please consult debian-devel before doing so
>   + (even in experimental).

And with this the mention of d-devel happened twice in your patch.

I'm very happy to second this idea, but I believe the actual text needs
to be improved.  I'll leave that to policy editors though, as it's
really not my field of competence :)
BTW, I believe that when you propose a patch like this, pretty much
everybody would like to see the filename and the hook delimiters (i.e.
everything git diff gives you).

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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