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[developers-reference] 01/01: Add bug closer for #806993, ftp-master mirror on [developers-reference] branch master updated (5564554 -> 7447369) Bug#106073: marked as done (recommend to install <package> documentation into /usr/share/doc/<package>/) Bug#555979: marked as done (debian-policy: Symlinks pointing beyond the root of the file system) Bug#568374: debian-policy: section "8.4 Development files" not explicit enough regarding libraryname[soversion]-dev Bug#666726: marked as done (debian-policy: Clarify if empty control fields are allowed or not) Bug#765499: marked as done (Policy still thinks UIDs are 16-bit) Bug#770016: marked as done (Clarify network access for building packages in main) Bug#797478: marked as done (Obsolete file in debian-policy package) Bug#799779: marked as done (integrate autopkgtest/DEP8 specification into debian-policy) Bug#806161: Implementing #741573 in policy via NMU Bug#807742: developer-reference: Italian Translation Bug#812663: marked as done (debian-policy: FTBFS - nsgmls: Command not found) Bug#813471: network access to the loopback device should be allowed Bug#814156: Extra-Source-Only field in Sources index Bug#816249: debian-policy: C.2.4 does not reflect current practises debian-policy_3.9.7.0_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: limit source to developers-reference, tagging 797603, tagging 806993 Processed: severity of 807742 is wishlist Processed: unarchiving 806161, reopening 806161 Processing of debian-policy_3.9.7.0_amd64.changes The last update was on 18:19 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 26 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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