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Re: Bug#804018: dpkg: provide options to avoid service startup on package installation

On 19/11/15 11:51, Marc Haber wrote:
> Disclaimer: I do not know whether the new nice systemd world still
> honors invoke-rc.d mechanisms.

It does. There are two code paths:

invoke-rc.d is run by the maintainer scripts of packages with a sysvinit
script (regardless of whether they have a corresponding systemd unit or
not), and by various other Debianisms like logrotate hooks. It runs

deb-systemd-invoke is run by the maintainer scripts of packages with a
systemd unit and no corresponding sysvinit script. It does not run
invoke-rc.d - I assume there's a technical reason why it can't - but it
does run policy-rc.d itself.

systemd also lets you "mask" a unit, which prevents it from being
started at all, whether the start attempt is done manually, during boot
or from a maintainer script.

Normal boot and shutdown do not use policy-rc.d, the same as in sysvinit.


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