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autobuilder network


Here are a few questions about autobuilder network need your help, thanks.

Success: I have successfully configured autobuilder network environment on the local machine, wanna-build, buildd and sbuild are on the same machine. Use trigger.local generates data inserted into the table 'packages' in database , Therefore, buildd transmit data read from the database to sbuildd, sbuildd use the data to compile the package work.

Failed: I created the wanna-build & database on the server(ip:, on the other two machines were configured with buildd and sbuild (ip, respectively: and, my thoughts is: Every builddd are read from the database server, and then use their own sbuild to compile generate deb packages. The question is, how do I configure autobuilder network. Let buildd use ssh connection to the server, rather than a local server, how to configure sbuild.conf and buildd.conf? Would you give me an example about conf file?

Kobe Lee

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