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Bug#758234: [summary] Re: Bug#758234: transitive dependencies

Hi Charles,

first of all, thanks for trying to get this sorted out!

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> (2014-11-17):
> [CCed all people who expressed themselves in #758234 (forgive me if I
> forgot some), and debian-boot and debian-cd (there is a question for
> you)]

I must admit I'm busy with work-related topics but here's a reply for
the debian-boot@ question (without any carefully thought-through/crafted
feedback on the actually proposed changes, sorry).

> Conclusion
> ----------
> I think that we have a chance to get a consensus on a) accepting that packages
> may depend on lower-priority packages if we find a satisfying way of b) keeping
> the relevant people informed of decisions that may change Debian's installation
> size.
> Therefore I have questions for you, and I would be especially pleased if your
> answers could converge into a final proposition that makes everybody
> comfortable.
>  - Would a message to the relevant package maintainers be enough ?
>  - Should the debian-boot and debian-cd mailing lists be notified as well ?

At the moment, we have many unanswered mails and/or bug reports on
debian-boot@ (more hands welcome, as usual) but I don't think having
some more mails would hurt, quite the contrary. See for example my
(surprised) reaction to the override/priority changes back when I was
about to publish D-I Jessie Beta 1:

I think we got quite lucky this time since the actual change wasn't
harmful (quite the contrary actually), but it could have been; so being
notified (possibly a bit in advance, even if not strictly necessary)
about changes relevant to the installation process, being about
overrides or priority changes, or about dependencies between "key"
packages (as far as debootstrap, d-i, debian-cd, etc. are concerned)
would probably be most welcome.

If it turns out to be more noisy than useful, that can probably be
either ignored or stopped entirely.

>  - Is a message to debian-devel needed ?


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