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Re: Bug#769273: bsdutils: Dependency on libsystemd0 violates policy

Am 12.11.2014 um 15:04 schrieb Andreas Henriksson:
> Hello Tim Wootton, release-team, et.al.!
> Thanks for your bug report.
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 11:00:16AM +0000, Tim Wootton wrote:
>> Package: bsdutils
>> Version: 1:2.25.2-2
>> Severity: serious
>> Justification: Policy 2.5
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> libsystemd0 dependancy violates constraint at the end of section 2.5
>> of the policy manual that requires packages not depend on packages
>> with lower priority.
> This (general) problem has been discussed (several times?) on
> debian-devel already and as far as I remember and understood it was that
> raising the priority of the relevant systemd binary packages could be
> done but it did not solve any *practical* problem. Instead it seemed
> easier to just fix policy. I guess that's where everyone lost
> interest....

Indeed, it doesn't fix any actual problem, but raising priority of
library and helper packages actually creates problems.

Let's take rsyslog as an example, which is priority important, so
raising all the library dependencies to >= important now means, if I
debootstrap a chroot and want to exclude rsyslog, I have to exclude all
dependend libraries as well. Or if I remove rsyslog (e.g. because I
switched to another syslogger or no syslogger), I have to manually
uninstall the unused libraries.

Please, let's not continue doing this non-sense and fix policy.

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