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Bug#758234: it's actively harmful

* Matthias Urlichs <matthias@urlichs.de> [141103 07:48]:
> > As long as only a small number of packages have the wrong priority,
> > starting with that set and pulling the rest in via dependencies is
> > likely to not run into any ugly problems. So simple algorithms have
> > a chance.
> >
> I'm not saying that we should immediately replace Required and Important
> priorities with two metapackages (which would depend on every top-level
> package that's currently marked as such). That'd be too complex for simple
> tools like debootstrap.
> What I am saying is that if package A is Important / Required and has a
> simple dependency on B, then (absent any Pre-Depends) the priority of B is
> not relevant any more and thus doesn't need to be overridden.

And what about the dependencies of B? Is it allowed to have non-simple
dependencies in your suggestion?

	Bernhard R. Link
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