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Bug#698030: debian-policy: document micro binary packages (udebs).

Charles Plessy wrote:

> actually the only section of the Policy that currently contains the string
> 'udeb' is about the shlibs system (plus some occurences in introductory
> parts earlier in the chapter 8).  No bug in our list mention "udeb" either.
> I therefore am filing this new bug so that the discussion (started in
> 697433#67) can be recorded in a separate place.  However, as noted by Russ it
> is a larger effort, and I have no plan to start to work on it in the short
> term.

I don't think policy should define how udebs work.  The entire
installer is maintained by the d-i team, and it seems best if they
have freedom to change how it works without changing any documentation
maintained by other bodies.

Policy section does not say anything that could be interpreted
as meaning udebs are a subset of the packages the policy manual
defines.  The proposed text in 697433 does.  I think a single sentence
along the lines that udebs are not defined in this manual and to see
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/internals/ch03.html for their
definition would be enough to fix that.

I'm getting the impression I'm the only person that thinks that,
though. :(

Hoping that clarifies,

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