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Bug#683222: (no subject)

Heyya Arno,

My reading of the policy is a bit different

  Changes in the Debian version of the package should be briefly
  explained in the Debian changelog file debian/changelog.[15] [..]

To me, this means that we _should_ briefly explain all changes, not
should have the file, since most tools will break without a d/changelog

Technically, if I was to verbosely explain a change, I'd be in
violation, if it were a _must_ :)

Now, we need a policy that defines brevity ;)

This might perhaps be better clairified, but I don't think § 4.4
contradicts § 12.7 at all -- in fact, it says to defer to § 12.7 for
placement in the binary package, which is a must, so it must (therefore)
exist in source.


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