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Re: tracking packages using (temporary) work-arounds to build


In 2011, Matthias Klose wrote:

> Some packages use work-arounds to prevent build failures, because
> these expose bugs in the build tools; these work-arounds are usually
> not reverted, and not tracked, or badly tracked (changelogs
> commenting on "new version of gcc").
> These work-arounds should be tracked in the package applying the
> work-around, and having `blocked-by' link to the relevant bug report
> of the build tool.

I agree and think this would be a good addition to devref.

> For GCC specific reports, this could be done with a user tag
> (work-around-applied) and a user (debian-gcc), but there might be
> work-arounds applied as well for non GCC issues.  Are user tags
> still the right way to track and query these issues, independent of
> the user they are filed for?

Yes, I think so.  Do you have another method in mind?

Thanks and hope that helps,

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