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Bug#679326: debian-policy: DMUA should covered more explicitly

Package: debian-policy
Severity: minor


the policy currently doesn't explain all aspects and especially not all
restrictions of the DM-Upload-Allowed field usage.

This means that someone who can not follow the link to the GR (i.e.
because reading an offline version of the policy) gets the wrong picture
of the field. (This actually happened to one of my sponsorees who
thought after reading section 5.6.25 of the policy that DMs could NMU or
hijack his package if the field is present in it.)

I suggest to add section 5 of the GR to section 5.6.25 of the policy,
e.g. like this:

5.6.25 DM-Upload-Allowed

Indicates that Debian Maintainers may upload this package to the Debian
archive. The only valid value is yes. If the field DM-Upload-Allowed:
yes is present in the source section of the source control file of the
most recent version of a package in unstable or experimental, the Debian
archive will accept uploads of this package signed with a key in the
Debian Maintainer keyring provided:

* none of the uploaded packages are NEW

* the Maintainer: field of the uploaded .changes file corresponds with
  the owner of the key used (ie, non-developer maintainers may not
  sponsor uploads)

* none of the packages are being taken over from other source packages
  the most recent version of the package uploaded to unstable or
  experimental includes the field "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" in the source
  section of its control file

* the most recent version of the package uploaded to unstable or
  experimental lists the uploader in the Maintainer: or Uploaders:
  fields (ie, non-developer maintainers cannot NMU or hijack packages)

                      Regards, Axel

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