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Bug#591791: [PATCH] Document generic and upstart-specific init-system requirements

On 10.04.2012 01:07, Steve Langasek wrote:
>>>> I'm wondering if this couldn't be handled in invoke-rc.d though.
>>>> If upstart is running, and there is a native upstart job, which is not
>>>> running though, invoke-rc.d could just call /etc/init.d/foo stop
>>>> In postinst, when you run invoke-rc.d foo start, it would then start the
>>>> upstart job.
>>>> Wouldn't this cover this upgrade case?
>>> It would; I just don't think invoke-rc.d is the right place for that
>>> complexity to live.  For instance: if upstart is running, there's an upstart
>>> job for foo, job foo is not running, and invoke-rc.d calls
>>> /etc/init.d/foo stop as a fallback: how should invoke-rc.d handle the exit
>>> code of /etc/init.d/foo?
>>> All possible answers to that question are sufficiently irksome that I
>>> think we should avoid putting the complexity in invoke-rc.d.
>> invoke-rc.d already needs to be upstart aware, so this seems like the
>> right place to put this logic imho. Putting it in each and every sysv
>> init script on the other hand looks wrong to me.
> You didn't actually answer the question I posed here.  How should
> invoke-rc.d handle the exit code of /etc/init.d/foo to make this not suck in
> the corner cases?

What specific problems do you have in mind here. It's not really
possible to answer the question for some hypothetical issue.

> If you don't have an answer for how to make this reliable, I don't think
> this aesthetic preference counts for much.

I don't think code duplication and offloading the problem to each and
every maintainer is a astetic preference.
It's pretty obvious to me that pulling upstart specific details into
sysv init scripts is a bad idea, especially for package maintainers who
don't use upstart. I would much rather prefer a well tested
implementation in invoke-rc.d that is written and maintained by people
who know about upstart.


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